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Infinite possibilities...

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Film Production:

We have a team of professionals in film production capable of offering a wide range of services, from idea development to post-production. We offer scripts, casting, locations, direction, editing, and everything necessary to achieve a high-quality project.

We provide a wide range of services for different types of film productions, such as:


  • Short films

  • Feature films

  • Documentaries.

Music videos:

We help our clients create unique and exciting music videos that complement their songs and allow them to stand out in a highly competitive market. We take care of the planning, production, and post-production of the video, and work closely with the artist to ensure that all their expectations are met.

We can provide a diverse range of services for different types of music videos, such as:

  • Music videos

  • Live performance videos

  • Promotional videos

  • Lyrics videos



We create attractive marketing videos that help our clients reach their target audience. We use advanced production techniques to create videos that are impactful and memorable, and we adapt them to different digital marketing channels.

We have a wide range of services for video marketing production, such as:

  • Corporate video

  • Product video

  • Advertising spot

  • Brand video

  • Video presentation

  • ETC.

Web TV:

We offer television program production services for the web, both live and recorded. We help our clients create original, interesting, and entertaining content that allows them to connect with their audience and increase their online presence.

We offer a variety of services for web TV content production, including:


  • E-Learning Videos

  • Tutorials

  • Video Blogs

  • Interviews

  • Magazine

  • Reviews



We offer live event recording services, from concerts to weddings and conferences. Our team of professionals will ensure that all the important moments of the event are captured so that our clients can relive them again and again.

We have a wide variety of services for event report production, such as:

  • Concerts

  • Theater plays

  • Competitions

  • Conferences

  • Corporate events

  • Social events (Weddings, parties, communions, etc.) Making of AfterMovie


I will be from 0, just when you think:

I have an idea!

I will accompany you  completely from the beginning for the creation of your content, developing a production strategy that will help us answer: "What?", "How?", "With what?", "Who?" and "who are we going to tell about the idea that's in your head?" In addition, we will write or advise you on the writing of the technical script, the literary script and the storyboard, if necessary, applying the most advanced techniques.  of Neuromarketing and Storytelling, that is, everything you need to carry out the production of your advertising videos, music videos, short films, etc., adapted to the objectives and needs of your company, personal brand or channel 2.0 (Web TV).


Quality ingredients, quality results.

you will count  with highly trained technical, artistic and human resources to cover all the audiovisual aspects you need to guarantee a professional recording of your “Idea”.

Post production.

You will feel that you are part of a mega production even from the smallest project.

I leave at your disposal my editing and assembly services, VFX (Visual Effects), sculpture and 3D and 2D design, Motion Graphics, grading (color grading) and sound post-production to give the final touches that your ideas need to give the great quantum leap and come to light materialized in an audiovisual work.



"It was an incredible experience working with AdrianFx360. At all times I felt super comfortable, as did my teachers and students. 
The truth is that it makes everything so easy for you that you feel great, I have a terrible fear of cameras, it was very easy for me to record the video. Adrian showed incredible patience and professionalism and made it a wonderful experience.
We will certainly work with him again."

Maite Teijeiro:
CEO May Dance Studio.
Fen, Spain.


"I am very satisfied with the recording and editing work that AdrianFx360 has done for me with the micro-videos of: "A minute of motivation" and other productions. I recommend him 100%, he is an excellent professional. In addition, he is a musician and can compose the topics you want."

Ernesto Cortez: Venezuelan Actor and Humorist

foto de perfil genesis para

"I have had the pleasure of working with AdrianFx360 and it has been great. 
I never get tired of repeating it. He is highly professional, very creative, very patient when making a decision together with you and captures absolutely everything you ask him, taking it to the real and palpable in a way that awakens the senses when he shows you the final result."

Genesis Fonseca: Director/Actress/Blogger  and Venezuelan Model (Genesis Art and Fashion 2.0)