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Consulting in Digital Marketing.

If you got here it was no accident.

It is because you are tired of a failed campaign in which you lose and lose money (I also went through that), you have the doubt of whether ..

-Do I need more content on my networks?-
Do I need more followers to start?

NO! Of course not!
What happens is that you get lost with so many updates and many times you don't understand how the famous algorithm that is talked about so much works and you don't know how to start changing or adapting your physical business to digital. 

EYE! Not everything is sewing and singing, or as the popular saying goes: Blowing is not making a bottle , but I will teach you!

*Do you need a large investment?

There are 2 types of campaigns in Digital Marketing:

Inorganic Campaign:
It consists of contracting the advertising spaces offered by the platforms, for example in Google Ads and Meta Ads it starts from €1 per day and in Tik Tok €3.35. These are contracted per day or spending limit and their benefit is safer than that of radio, television or press advertising because you have total control of your campaign, you can measure its impact practically in real time and these companies charge by result, not By service. 

Organic Campaign:
It consists of all the strategies (leaving out the advertising spaces of the platform itself) designed to "please" the algorithm and for this you must use content, interaction with your community, collaborations with other accounts, copy, etc.

* Explained few words,  because it's just the tip of the iceberg*

During this service:

We will diagnose your project.

We will answer all your questions and help you form a better advertising campaign.

We will develop your campaigns step by step, with constant feedback so that you understand how to carry out your own campaigns on your own.

As we see it: more than a consultancy, it is a master class with practice.

With our tips you will learn:
How to use the tools offered by Meta Ads, Google Ads and Tik tok Ads to apply advertising campaigns on Facebook/Whatsapp/ FB Messenger/Instagram/Google/Google Partners/Youtube/TikTok among others.

Improve the appearance of your online presence (social networks, web)

Segmentation to reach your public or potential customers.

To do remarketing (Distribute advertising among the created community).
How to create a website with Wix, Wordpress or Webflow.

*Meta Business Manager control panel.
*Google Ads Dashboard.

*Tik Tok Ads Dashboard

How to install and use the Facebook pixel on your website.
How to synchronize your website with Google Analytics.
Analyze the statistics to optimize campaigns and carry out better marketing strategies based on the data generated.

Tips on the main algorithms used by Instagram/Facebook/Youtube/Google/Tiktok.

Individual sessions via Zoom or face-to-face (Narón 15570/A Coruña/Spain):

The 1st Free Online Session
(Using Code free2022)

*We accept Credit/Debit Card, or Paypal, for Bank Transfer or   REVOLUT contact  through _  of the chat or  here
*Prices without VAT
* Charges of fees or taxes for currency conversion are paid by the client, the real price is expressed in Euros .

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