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creative management

OOOH! What's that?


It is a Digital Marketing service that consists of professional administration (Development of advertising campaigns), content creation and advice for social network accounts:

Instagram / Facebook Fan Page / Youtube /

tik tok

Really? Tell us  plus...


Community Manager: Texto

I offer you a plan that includes:

1. The creation and management of a content calendar for advertising campaigns.


2. Content creation:

2.1) Digital photographic compositions and graphic design in general (Logo creation service not included).

2.2) Professional development of Photographs provided by the contracting party.

2.3) 1 Basic professional edition and montage of a 60Seg Video every week.  (Does not include Visual/3D Effects)

2.4) Copywriting: Text accompanying the publication with specialized writing, tags and hashtags to produce actions in the reader and in favor of the algorithm of each RRSS.


3.Response to direct messages.


4. Response to comments and interaction with the community.


5. Creation and execution of Strategies for SEM campaigns in Facebook Ads/Google Ads/Tik tok Ads (Costs paid by the contracting party).


In other words, you delegate "your social networks" to a social network professional and you don't have to worry about continuing to work on your products and services.

Monthly Plan PRICE

For Euros: €270.35

For Dollars : 274.82 $ (Approximate price  according  the current change 03/2022)


*We accept Credit/Debit Card, or Paypal, for bank transfer, contact us by clicking here

*International service.

The moment to digitize your projects and use the most avant-garde tools  is now!!

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