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Patrocinio: Video

Hello!! I'm AdrianFx360: musician, videographer, animator, 3D and visual effects artist and Digital Marketer.

My audiovisual projects are self-financed and as you can see you can enjoy all of them for free.

But, in order to grow more

and  continue  making my artistic content  (Music, videos, blogs, among others), for the entertainment and enjoyment of all, I NEED YOUR HELP.

And I would be very grateful to you  count on your support by making a donation of any  amount and then  share the link of this website to reach more people.

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How to do it?

It's easy and simple:  

Clicking on one of the buttons below  will redirect you to the page  PAYPAL or REVOLUT  (They are secure pages). And  If you accept, you will be charged only the amount you want in dollars or euros.  

I know and understand that you may not have money left over.

That's why I want you to know that you  support is of great help and I want to reward it by mentioning you in the credits of my works and on my page  website to recognize you as one of my sponsors  

or  If you prefer, your collaboration can be anonymous, indicating it in the subject of the transfer.

If you have any questions, please contact me through the chat on this website.

I send you a huge Cyber Hug and in advance a thousand infinite thanks for always supporting me in my career."


Patrocinio: Cita
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