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Sponsorship Policy

By contracting any plan you grant permission for the use of the name of the brand or name of the sponsor for the performance of the sponsorship agreement until its termination.

AdrianFx360 undertakes to comply with the rewards for which the sponsor has signed up for this plan, and in return, the sponsor must pay each month the amount agreed in the contracted plan until its cancellation.

Any of the plans can be suspended whenever you wish, as long as it is 24 hours before the next charge. If after the collection date you wish to end the Sponsorship agreement, your money will be returned with a 15% charge for administrative expenses.

After the agreement has ended, the logo, brand name or your name will not be removed from the credits of our audiovisual, phonographic works or published images where said logo or name appears. On the contrary, mentions on the web will be removed within a period of 7 business days.


You must provide the name and logo in png or PDF format, to the email, subject Sponsorship.

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