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Here you will find EVERYTHING related to the artist  AdrianFx360 :

Musician/VFX(Visual Effects)/ Animator  3D/ Production  Audiovisual/Voice Actor

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Hire my services  Production  audiovisual (Filming) |  post production  ( Edition , montage, VFX, etc) | Voice and Dubbing Actor |  advisory  in Digital Marketing | Management  Web and RRSS and more.

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Know the projects and works  audiovisuals that I have made  or I have participated by looking at my entire Portfolio and YouTube Channel (without leaving the web).

Buy in my store original designs of the AdrianFx360 brand: Clothes, articles  for home  and accessories for boys, girls, Baby and unisex.

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Monday  to  Friday

9 a.m.  to  2 p.m. -  5 pm  to  9 p.m.


1 0 a.m.  to  2 p.m.  

Hour  Madrid  Spain


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"I don't say it, they say it."

"I am very satisfied with the recording and editing work that ADRIAN has done for me, with the micro-videos of: "A minute of motivation" and other productions. I recommend him 100%, he is an excellent professional. In addition, he is a musician and can compose the songs for you whatever you want. Thanks Adrian. Ernesto  Cortez" Spain January 2021

"It was an incredible experience working with AdrianFx360. At all times I felt super comfortable, as did my teachers and students. 
The truth is that it makes everything so easy for you that you feel great, I have a terrible fear of cameras, it was very easy for me to record the video. Adrian showed incredible patience and professionalism and made it a wonderful experience.
We will definitely work with him again." Spain. May 2021.

E. Cortez

M. Teijeiro

"A very talented and hard-working boy. Keep it up and you will see the fruits of your harvest.  Hire him for events when you can. You won't regret it." Spain March 2021

"Very good at his job, a very professional and salty person when it comes to talking to people, I totally recommend him" Spain  January 2021.

M. Lamb

A. Martinez

"In all his works there is creativity and painstaking dedication. Perhaps those are the two things that stand out the most about this artist. In addition to great talent and musical knowledge. It shows that he knows what he is talking about and the audiovisual world, design, marketing digital, etc. has no secrets for him. It helped me a lot to know how to highlight my company, I totally recommend it!!!" Spain January 2021

"He is a good person, sincere and very responsible. It is super nice to work with him. I not only found in Adrianfe a co-worker, but a good friend... He loves technology and music, a combination that gives a lot of play! !" Spain January 2021.


"It's refreshing to see someone each day presenting new expectations for personal development. Congratulations!" Venezuela January 2021.

E. Solá

"AdrianFx360 is a wonderful artist. He is very patient in coordinating an idea with you and carrying it out. He is extremely talented and good vibes! 100% recommended!!" Venezuela March 2021.

F. Good

"Professionalism and 100% attention...Totally recommended." Spain January 2021.

G. Fonseca

"Adrianfx I love your music, highly recommended." Spain March 2021.

R. Stapleton